How We Help With Remote Business Analysis
remote business analyst

By Steven Czyrny

A Business Analyst is a relatively new profession that provides a lot of value to companies in many industries. Unfortunately, since the average yearly salary is over $70,000 USD/year, typically only large corporations can employ them.

Business Analysts perform a lot of tasks such as identifying business needs, implementing technology solutions, and documenting procedural changes that make the company or department more efficient.

Our business model allows companies of all sizes to access these valuable job functions without having to bring on a full-time in-house professional, saving our clients thousands of dollars.

To best meet our clients’ budget and objectives, we offer customized solutions. Below are a sampling of our Remote Business Analyst services:

Identifying Business Needs

Articulating Problem Statement

Identifying Technology Solutions

Communicating With Internal & External Stakeholders

Developing Business Requirement Document

Gap Analysis

Data Analysis

Use Case Diagrams & Test Scripts

IT & Stakeholder Liaison

Company & Department Org Chart Consulting

Strategic Research & Recommendations

Our consultants have a track record of providing meaningful Business Analysis to clients that don’t have this skill set in house or need to supplement portions with what their teams are capable of handling.

Business Process Management

A World-Renowned Partnership

The Analyst Agency’s partnership with The BOC Group (, combines world-renowned consultants and tools with first-class customer service and strategic advising.

The BOC Group is an internationally leading manufacturer of software tools for globally recognized management approaches. Complemented by our vast service offering, we implement your management strategy and create value for your business and your IT.

Next Generation Business Process Management with ADONIS

Successful companies manage and continuously improve their processes. By conducting sustainable
business process management you will be able  to more easily align to your customers’ ever evolving requirements, make use of resources in a more efficient way and realize your organizational goals.

Would you like to …?

• Improve collaboration between all stakeholders of your organization
• Optimize and standardize process execution
• Identify and improve value adding processes and unleash unused potentials to improve performance
• Minimize risks and help your organization to comply with legal documentation requirements
• Involve all of your employees in the continuous improvement process
• Boost quality and customer satisfaction in a sustainable way

… then ADONIS is the right tool for you!

ADONIS is the tool to kick-start your BPM/BPA initiative and successfully implement BPM. It allows your business and process analysts to map and analyse processes, improve corporate quality and performance and make process-relevant information accessible to all employees.
ADONIS ( provides full BPMN support, implements governance for regulatory frameworks (COSO, SOX, Basel, Solvency, EFQM, ISO etc.) and enables process excellence approaches such as Lean, TQM or Six Sigma.

Seven Good Reasons For Process Management with ADONIS

  1. Easy and intuitive handling
    Modern, web-based, clearly structured, personalized and a modelling editor that leaves nothing to be desired. ADONIS ensures that you can concentrate on the essentials: your processes.
  2. More than modelling
    Extensive functionality for process analysis and graphical reporting, integrated DMS and
    release mechanisms and interfaces to implement and deploy processes. This enables you to assess processes and structures and improve process performance sustain-ably.
  3. Process management as team work
    The tool tailored for all roles; gain access at your desk or online. Collaborative process
    management allows you to involve all stakeholders directly: Process experts, business
    analysts, process owners and all employees working with and executing the processes.
  4. Open and flexible
    A comprehensive best practice modelling library, with integrated BPMN 2.0, supports you
    and your different process management scenarios. Flexibly extend ADONIS, its method and functionality at any time.
  5. Well-positioned for all future challenges
    State-of-the art web-technology and support: from simple modelling to extensive management
    scenarios, ADONIS ensures that you are well-prepared and positioned for all future
    business process management tasks.
  6. All-in-one
    The right tool, competent support and first-class consulting services. You benefit from
    security of investment and bundled process management know-how.
  7. Proven, world-wide
    In all sectors, on all continents, with more than 30,000 installations. Benefit from more than
    20 years of experience in business process management.

Why You Need Business Process Management

Business Process Management can bring many benefits to your organization, including:

-Maintaining Consistency
-Managing Risks and Ensuring Compliance
-Saving Time By Eliminating Mistakes
-Increased Understanding of Roles & Responsibilities
-Better Use of Resources

Click here to read our BPM blog post to learn more, and see how your organization could get started.

Business Research

Experienced Researchers with Your Strategy in Mind

The Analyst Agency’s partnership with IBC Consultants (, brings a full team of research experts, led by professionals that can effectively manage your business requirements.

IBC Consultants is a global business research firm offering a broad spectrum of services, including Business Research, Analytics, Lead Generation, Remote Administration, Data Assimilation and Report Writing. With a network of over 30 associates across North America, India and Singapore, IBC works diligently to foster long-term strategic partnerships with its clients in order to provide reliable systemic support for all administrative decision-making and executive functions.

A Unique Collaboration to Eradicate Business Challenges

Working together with IBC Consultants allows us to complete complex projects for our clients at very affordable prices.  This collaborative effort can help our clients in a number of ways including:

-Competitor & Industry Research
-Corporate Due Diligence
-Data Analysis
-Lead Research & Outreach

We take the time to get a clear understanding of your needs so you can make sound business decisions based on accurate, and verified information.  We have access to the top tools and databases, including Hoovers, Lexis Nexis, Bloomberg Business Week, & more. In addition, our team can synthesis complex findings, and act accordingly in your best interest.

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