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We’re Here to Decipher Your Business Challenges From the Inside Out

Whether you’re interested in analyzing internal data or gaining a better understanding of the industry you operate in, The Analyst Agency is here to help so you can improve stakeholder communications and solve business challenges holding you back.


Business Analysis That Delivers On Affordability and Quality in Spades

At The Analyst Agency, affordable business analysis is our specialty. Once you’ve told us your budget and desired timeframe, we’ll create a payment plan that works for you and deliver top-tier business analysis that’s sure to take your company forward.

Business Analysis That Puts Your Staff and Customers First

Business analysis isn’t just about increasing profits—it’s also about understanding what motivates your staff to do well and how to keep your customers happy. This is why our team of data analysts always does its utmost to analyze data in a way that produces practical strategies to boost staff and customer happiness.

Look at Challenges Affecting Your Profitability From Several Perspectives At Once

Whether you’re looking to incentivize resource-sharing among departments or simply want your staff to bring their best to work every day, we’ll help you visualize and analyze your internal data from multiple perspectives.

It’s Time to Take Your Business Analysis Capabilities Up a Notch

Effective business analysis requires talented people—that’s a box we’ve ticked categorically. Simply book a free consultation with us and an army of analysts, consultants, IT experts, and engineers will be on hand to provide top-shelf business analysis that helps your company go from strength to strength.

Trusted Strategic Partner

Being able to provide a full-service offering of market research, business analysis services, and sales & marketing consulting services allows us to identify problems, discover solutions, and communicate them to your customers or clients. As a trustworthy business research company, we assist our clients in conducting extensive market research.

Custom Engagement Models

Outsourcing your business analysis needs to us allows the flexibility to meet your budget and timeline constraints. We have worked on an hourly basis, a retainer model, as well as fixed prices depending on the client’s needs and internal infrastructure.

Improve Your Employee & Customer Satisfaction

When you work with The Analyst Agency, we are able to quantify how your business challenges negatively impact your employee and customer satisfaction. After eradicating the hindrances, and implementing new processes or technology, you can see how much happier your employees and customers are thanks to all of the hard work.


The Analyst Agency By the Numbers

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Benefits of Hiring an Outside Analyst

A skilled Business Analyst provides an outside point of view and clarity throughout a change process, especially in terms of defining clear business requirements that fall within the scope of the project.

We help all stakeholders stay on the same page and keep the team moving in the right direction by focusing conversations on the identified business objectives. This not only helps the team stay on track by minimizing distractions but also helps prevent scope creep.

When You Need Someone to Help Pick Up The Pieces

Clients contact us when they realize they need an outside point of view to address organizational challenges such as knocking down silos and reducing redundancies and gaps in employee and customer satisfaction.

Global Network, Diligent Service

With a team and partners around the world, plus access to our freelance members of qualified data analysts, IT professionals, engineers, and business consultants, we are able to help all kinds of clients regardless of stage or circumstance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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