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One of the most important things companies do is hire. We focus on filling positions that require technical and quantitative skills. Some examples include Business Analysts, Data Analysts & Data Miners, IT professionals, Financial Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Digital Marketers, Programmers, & more.

There are many things to consider when bringing on a new team member for your company, including:

1. Is now the right time to hire?

2. What problem areas are we looking to address?

3. What is fair market value for this position?

4. Do we need to hire a full time employee, versus outsourcing, or hiring a contractor?

5. Do we need long term help, or just a short term solution?

6. What skills are necessary?

7. Do we offer the right tools and structure to support this person?

We can help answer some of these questions, and if it is determined that you need some additional resources, we can find you qualified candidates and vendors.

Our Staffing and Recruiting Services

We offer various solutions for companies looking to hire talent.  This flexibility separates us from competitors.  Leveraging our internal network, and locating your ideal candidates through extensive research methods, with our hands on approach makes us a preferred partner.

Common solutions include:

Permanent Placements: These are typically, full-time, long-term hires that are big commitments and investments.

Temporary/Temp-To-Hire: When you need immediate help, but want to mitigate risk, a temporary hire, or a temp-to-hire solution can be attractive.

Contract To Hire (C2H): A blended approach, where an individual is brought on as a contractor for a set period of time. After the contract ends, they may be offered employment, or move on.

Ad-Hoc or Project Hire: This usually is for a specific project where additional resources are needed.  This could be an individual, a vendor solution, or something else.

We are proactive and passionate agents who can execute customized programs that help businesses address workforce capacity challenges.

Affordable, Transparent, Proven.

The Analyst Agency, LLC

The Analyst Agency is an operations & strategic consulting firm that provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative market research, business analysis, and technology advisory services.


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