These Are the 5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2019
By Steven Czyrny

Grabbing and holding your audience’s attention has never been more important. These are the 5 digital marketing trends in 2019 that will help you do that.

Digital marketing trends are evolving with each second that passes. If you’ve resolved to do your research and get caught up as we dive into the new year, you’re in good standing!

While the trends of 2018 are still largely valid and necessary for a successful digital marketing campaign, it’s important to stay current on up-and-coming trends to help your business remain relevant.

For 5 of the most important digital marketing trends you’ll want in 2019’s toolbelt, keep reading!

1. AI Optimization

Love it or fear it, Artificial Intelligence is migrating steadily out of the mad scientist’s laboratory and into daily life–and yes, that includes digital marketing.

In 2019, it’s not that you’ll need to fire your social media intern to make way for a shiny new robot who’ll do the job; it’s that AI will step into highly-successful digital marketing campaigns in order to make way for new insights toward improvement.

The best digital marketing campaigns of 2019 will utilize AI in order to study backlogs, databases, social media interactions, and competitor content. It’ll work like an overtime set of analytics that you can hardly stand to take your eyes off of!

2. Chatbots

Oh, look. More robots. But don’t worry! Like AI, chatbots will prove to be crucial for the otherwise-busy digital marketing campaign in 2019.

Depending on the advances of your team’s chatbot software, chatbots can accomplish many things. Many businesses use them as first base for customer service issues. They train chatbots to answer common, simple client questions. Other, more advanced chatbots can even do things like schedule appointments.

Your business is busy enough–a chatbot will serve as the lucrative first resource for digital marketing support.

3. Smart Speakers

“Hey Alexa, draft and execute this year’s digital marketing calendar!” Okay, okay–that’s not quite what we mean. But when it comes to successful digital marketing in 2019, it’s going to be important to look to audio and voice optimization.

Nearly 1/4 of American households own a smart speaker. This enables them to navigate the internet and specific questions in a hands-free, eyes-free environment. If your website isn’t optimized for verbal searching, 1/4 of American households are likely to pass by your content altogether.

Start by incorporating conversational phrases relating to your clients’ most popular searches on your site. This way, smart speakers will be able to translate their owner’s question to an answer through your site’s content.

4. Focus on Local Influencing

While nationwide chains and global brands may have access to Olympic athletes and celebrities for influencers, that’s not the case for most small businesses. But this fact doesn’t mean you should opt out of influencers! In 2019, focus on local influencing.

Seek out popular local bloggers, local businesses, and individuals with big Instagram game. Start a conversation and seek their representation of your brand.

Local influencing can have a huge impact on local markets, and running through 2019 without giving it a shot will be a definite mistake!

5. Video or Bust

It’s been a poorly-kept secret for a long while that visuals are an important aspect of internet curb-appeal. They make scrollers stop, slow down, and take in the content at hand. 2019 will surely show an even further uptick of the importance of video content.

It may sound kind of…disappointing. But the fact is, the more quickly and more effortlessly you can catch followers’ attention, the better. Video is, often, an immediate attention-getter!

Use live streaming, post Instagram stories, and feature short video interviews. Whatever you do, pull out the video camera for your 2019 digital marketing game!

Want More Digital Marketing Trends?

The thing about digital marketing is that the opportunities are endless. Things are always changing, trends are multiplying–and your potential for impacting followers is always increasing.

For more information on digital marketing trends and other analytical insights, check out our digital marketing & transformation page!

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