Email Analytics: What Email Campaign Metrics Are Most Important for Your ROI?

By Steven Czyrny

By 2020, email will be used by 3 billion people worldwide. If your business hasn’t implemented an email marketing strategy yet, now is a perfect time!

How do you know your efforts are successful? You track email analytics. These analytics demonstrate the areas you’re excelling in, how many people sign up for your newsletters, and other factors that affect your ROI.

If this is your first time using email marketing, you should know which metrics to track. Here are the email marketing metrics that will best impact your ROI.

Click-Through Rate

Any good email will include links and landing pages. These links can bring your customer to your website, a product page, a sales page, a blog, or any landing page you’re trying to promote.

How do you know your customers are clicking your links? You measure their click-through rate. This metric takes the total number of customers on your email newsletter and compares how many of them clicked on the links.

Click-through rates can also be used to measure other metrics, such as how many other pages one visitor clicked on.

Open Rate

Open rate is exactly what it sounds like — how many people open your email.

Unfortunately, not everyone will even open up your email. Especially since many modern email platforms have a separate “promotions” folder. Your recipients may not even notice you emailed them.

If your open rate is a little low, don’t fret. Do A/B testing and see which strategies result in a better open rate.

Conversion Rate

Every email marketer has a different goal. The best way to track the success of your goals is with a conversion rate.

A conversion rate is simply how many leads or customers achieve a particular goal. The rate is the percentage of users who completed the goal versus how many received the email.

What are some examples of goals? The most common email marketing goal is to get more opens.

But your goals don’t have to revolve around email marketing — rather, email marketing can be a digital marketing method to achieve these goals. Examples can include more website visits and more sales.


No one wants to think of a potential customer unsubscribing to their newsletter.

Unfortunately, this is the reality many email marketers face. It’s best to know how many people unsubscribe to your newsletter and find ways to improve your emails and your campaign.

How do you track this? When a user unsubscribes, provide a questionnaire or comment section so they can answer why they unsubscribed.

Track These Email Analytics Today!

From how many people unsubscribe from your newsletter to how many people click your links, there are many email analytics you should track.

Are you tracking these metrics and still have an unsuccessful campaign? Maybe it’s time to outsource to an agency who can increase your campaign’s success.

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