Often times, a company’s sales success is dependent on the list of prospects they are contacting. Building & maintaining that database is critical to a company’s bottom line. If properly utilized, a good quality system can offer several other benefits, including higher quality lead generation, more effective time management for your sales team, better lead tracking, & a deeper understanding of your target audience.

Our Sales Support & Lead Generation Services

We know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to manage leads, so we’ve designed a menu of services that streamline the sales process, and save you and your team countless hours. Our team can help your sales efforts in the following ways:


After discussing your ideal target audience with you, we will research & document companies or individuals that fit your specific criteria.

We utilize various research methods & top tools including LinkedInD&B HooversZoomInfoThomas ReutersLexisNexisBloomberg Businessweekmodern search engines, & more.

This service can be part of a larger offering, or if you have internal sales team members in place, we can help by delivering them the leads for them to contact, saving time & money.


Customer Relationship Management (or CRM), refers to technologies & practices that analyze the customer interactions through your sales cycle.  Our team can input your leads and manage them through your unique sales & marketing funnel.

We have experience with several different CRM systems, so we can make the proper determination based on your needs.

CRM tools make organizing and analyzing your prospects much easier than traditional, more manual methods. Being able to provide CRM services make us a valuable partner, as we can grow leads through our marketing methods, input them into the CRM, and analyze results.


Our team can contact leads on your behalf, vet them to confirm there is a need and a fit, and schedule meetings with you, giving you more quality opportunities.

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