Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips
By Steven Czyrny

LinkedIn is more than just a resume site, it’s also a great marketing platform. Read on to learn about the top five LinkedIn marketing tips.

LinkedIn boasts half a billion users and 10 million job postings on its platform. Given that the company just went public back in 2011, that growth is incredibly impressive.

Perhaps even more impressive though is how many business owners have been able to drum up outstanding client leads just by marketing themselves correctly on the platform.

Therein lies the purpose of this article.

Our team is going to share with you 5 of the top LinkedIn marketing tips pros leverage to get themselves seen, increase the degree in which people interface with their brand, and ultimately boost their revenue.

1. Complete Your Personal Profile

There’s no LinkedIn marketing tip more integral we can give you than to 100% complete your personal profile.

LinkedIn, like most social media platforms, is no more than a uniquely skinned search engine. It uses cues from your profile to connect you with peers and potential customers so you can flourish on the platform.

If your profile isn’t complete (headline, bio, work experience, accolades, skills, recommendations, websites, etc.) or isn’t completed well, you’re going to have a hard time succeeding on LinkedIn.

2. Plus Out Your Business’ Page

LinkedIn is a platform that was built on the idea of connecting professionals more so than promoting any particular business. Because of that, their business pages have historically left a lot to be desired.

Today though, LinkedIn offers business owners more flexibility in that they can create company pages where information about products can be shared, videos can be uploaded, and more.

To that end, be sure you’re paying as close of attention to your business profile as you are to your personal profile.

3. Connect with Everyone

There’s a couple of schools of thought when it comes to LinkedIn. In one camp, people say you should be very selective with your connections and limit yourself to people you know. In another camp, people say you should be open to connecting with anyone so you can increase your brand’s reach and open yourself up to more opportunities.

We prefer the latter.

In our mind, there’s no disadvantage to extending your professional network and scoring additional brand deposits whenever you share content.

Be bullish when it comes to making connections.

4. Join Targeted Groups

If you’re looking for connections that are more directly aligned with your business niche, join targeted professional groups.

LinkedIn has a wide array of groups which have been cited for helping people land jobs and score clients.

Join as many groups as possible that are relevant to your business and consider starting a few of your own to build your authority.

5. Participate in the LinkedIn Ecosystem

Most people on LinkedIn are spectators. Those people don’t see much traction on their profiles. Business owners like you should ditch the “fly on the wall” routine and be influencers.

Like and comment on people’s content. Share news articles in your business niche and craft your own content.

The more additive you are to the LinkedIn landscape, the faster you’ll build prominence in your industry.

Wrapping Up 5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

From building robust profiles to sharing your expertise, with a little bit of effort on LinkedIn, you can skyrocket your ranking on the platform and build your business.

Want more insight on how to take your business’s LinkedIn marketing efforts to the next level? If so, let our team help.

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