If your business needs a piece of software or an application developing, it’s not only the designers that you will have to work with. In fact, a person that you cannot afford to do without is a business analyst.

This is because business analysis fulfill several crucial roles in the software development process. Such as helping to identify the problem, reviewing your competitors’ efforts, and analyzing the market in which you operate. Business analysts also record the entire process and create a formal specification detailing the needs of your company. A document that the developer will use as a blueprint for the concept creation.

That’s not all business analysts do, though. In fact, perhaps their most crucial role is the bridge they provide between your business and those that are developing your software. A function that ensures effective communication steers the project to meet the specific goals of your business and ensures maximum efficiency of the process and the end results. A process you can read about in more detail below.

Our Process

Here are the steps for Business Analysis:

  1. Enterprise Analysis
  2. Requirement Planning and Management
  3. Requirement Elicitation
  4. Requirement Analysis and Documentation
  5. Requirement Communication
  6. Solution Evolution and Validation.


Benefits of Working With Our Business Analysts

A skilled Business Analyst provides an outside point of view and clarity throughout a change process especially in terms of defining clear business requirements that fall within the scope of the project.

We help all stakeholders stay on the same page and keep the team moving in the right direction by focusing conversations on the identified business objectives. This not only helps the team stay on track by minimizing distractions, but it also helps prevent scope creep.

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