Marketing research is important for enabling business leaders and marketers to make informed decisions when adopting and adapting their marketing plans. According to Exploding Topics, the global market for research services generates more than $118 billion in annual revenues. Those research services provide two general options, which are quantitative and qualitative research, which are not the same. Ultimately, you need both to make fully informed decisions regarding marketing plans. Here’s how they differ and why you need both.

Quantitative Research Measures Marketing Success

Quantity is the root word for quantitative and illustrates the numerical nature of quantitative research. The quantitative style of research measures results to show what is happening with your marketing efforts. The research method might include data reports, surveys, or other types of quantitative research that enable marketers to break down and more closely examine the numbers that show what a marketing appeal produces. Quantitative research and analysis make it easier to measure the success or failures of particular marketing appeals.

Qualitative Research Elicits Consumer Insights

Qualitative research makes it possible to better understand what motivates or discourages consumers when exposed to marketing appeals or particular goods or services that you are marketing. When qualitative market research companies perform research, they often do so with focus groups, personal interviews, or other research methods that are designed to elicit insights from relevant consumers or the targeted audience. Those insights help qualitative research companies determine the potential impact of marketing appeals and consumers’ reactions when exposed to particular types of messaging.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Are Complementary

A complete analysis of marketing efforts is needed to make the best and most informed decisions when creating a marketing plan, implementing it, and adapting it as it continues to deliver the best results. That’s why you need a blend of quantitative and qualitative research to get a well-rounded view of your marketing efforts. Qualitative research doesn’t provide measurements for marketing. Instead, it delivers insights that help marketers to better understand how the quantitative research numbers came about. The best marketing service often comes from combined quantitative and qualitative market research companies that provide meaningful and useful measurements and insights that make it possible to get the most from your marketing efforts.

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