5 Must-Know Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses
By Steven Czyrny

Most people aren’t natural salespeople. And that’s okay.

But regardless of where your strengths lie in business, we should be able to agree that you need to get leads to keep growing.

Whether you are running a construction company or talent agency, a bakery or bail bonds business, finding new clients is a common denominator.

It’s simple math to get more business when you follow these five lead generation tips.

#1 Know Your Audience
You can’t use lead generation tips until you know who you are trying to sell to.

Is your audience middle-aged women who love opera? Maybe it’s men in their twenties who are starting to go bald?

The point is to get as granular as you can when learning your audience. One easy way to do this at no cost is to pull a profile of who is viewing your Facebook ads.

Facebook tracks analytics that will show you statistics like age, gender, region and more, at no additional cost to you.

So if you don’t know where to start, your most recent Facebook ad is as good a place as any to get information about your clientele.

#2 Social Media
Hopefully, if you’re pulling statistics from your most recent Facebook ads, then you already understand that social media and digital marketing is one of the best places to get new leads.

But not everyone knows how to make the most of their social media presence. In fact, most business owners don’t.

Make sure you have an active social profile anywhere that your clients are hanging out.

This could mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social sites that are important to your crew.

#3 Enhance Your SEO
If your audience is online they are going to search engines to find information. That means you need to rank for keywords on Google.

There a couple of ways to do that. One is by purchasing keywords, and another is by implementing thoughtful content.

There are also on page SEO tips and tricks like making sure your navigation bar is streamlined.

Remember, behind Google the next best search engine to be on is YouTube. So get ready for your close up when you enhance your SEO.

#4 Rank in Local Results
If you’re a small business that relies on local traffic it’s important that you pay special attention to making sure you rank in Google’s local results.

The algorithm for ranking in local results is different than that for ranking on page one or two in regular results.

To learn how to optimize your page for local results click here for some helpful strategies.

#5 Create a Strong Content Strategy
If you want to attract people to your website, the best way to do that is with a strong content strategy.

In addition to meeting the topical breadth and depth considerations for SEO, content should informative. It should be something that your readers want to spend time reading.

This means small business owners should do the following when creating a content strategy:

Research competitors and learn what they are writing about
Approach topics that have already been done to death with a new, unique lens
Go to social media sites and learn what your clients are asking about, then answer those questions
Pay attention to which keywords are likely to drive the newest leads
Use content marketing tools to help this process
Lead Generation Tips Essential for Growth
In a perfect world, new leads just drop out of thin air. But when it comes to the reality of growing a business, owners have to be proactive if they are going to compete.

That means implementing these lead generation tips to keep your business in the public eye.

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