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We build websites that are responsive and look amazing. Let us show you how design can significantly improve sales and achieve your business objectives sooner using the conversion-oriented design approach.

Our customer conversion-oriented web design services are delivered by an experienced New York & India based in-house team, highly skilled in user experience design, user interface design and graphic design. Our web design process is flexible and can comfortably scale to meet the business objectives of the small business or large organizations.

Benefits Of A Well-Structured & Designed Website

– Enhanced Brand Awareness & Image
– Greater Visibility On Search Engines
– Increased Leads & Revenue

Why Should You Have An SEO Company Design Your Website?

Our team has identified 32 crucial web design elements that directly contribute to top rankings.

We have spent years studying Google ranking patents and have analyzed hundreds of websites that sustain their organic SEO traffic through all the dramatic Google updates. Our exhaustive research concludes that there are in fact very specific criteria that Google is looking for when scoring a website. What we see in our analysis is that websites missing any one of these elements drop in the rankings and do not sustain their traffic. For that reason, every website we build for our clients includes these vital SEO features, but that is not all.

Our web designers are involved in the project from a very early stage and love to communicate visually using low and high-fidelity sketches and full web design concepts. Our web designers will seek your input and feedback at various stages during design. Feel free to ask as many questions about web design as you wish. You will love the web design process as much as we do.

A well-thought-out process of developing and designing a website is a key principle that describes how we provide our clients with a seamless project execution that is always on time and within budget. A common pitfall in website development today is the significant attention given to design, without little or no effort allotted to discovering ideas and strategizing. What sets us apart from other agencies is the six distinct steps we follow to build a website which in itself is an interconnected process.

Discovering Ideas and Creating Strategies

The first step involves getting a solid understanding of the client – that is you. We outline the goals you wish to achieve by building a website, and how we can be instrumental in helping you realize these goals. Our experienced web design team will begin by asking crucial questions related to the following factors:

-The Target Audience
-Web Content
-Company Goals
-And The General Purpose Of The Site

It will take a considerable amount of time to arrive at a strategy that is not only a complete reflection of what your company needs, but also include actionable items on how we, as your design team will approach the task and accomplish your desired output – a website designed to the highest standards ready for implementation.


The information we gathered on the first step will help put together a plan and a site map. Starting with a site map helps in visualizing the presentation of main topics and sub-topics within each page. When there is a guide, our design team can seamlessly navigate the intricacies of the project with consistency and better understanding. The planning stage is also crucial in determining specific technologies you intend to implement on your website. Our design team can help in the selection process, but it is also the client who ultimately has the final say.

Website Design

One of the critical factors considered in designing a website is the target audience. We believe that designing a website has to focus on elements that will strengthen brand identity. Examples of these elements include the company logo and the color scheme.

Our web design team will begin by creating a prototype and an image of the final product. Collaboration is vital in this stage of the process, and we value your input on the work that we are doing on your behalf. We appreciate how important it is to communicate and bounce design ideas to come up with a final design that suits your needs.

Website Development

This stage is when all the hard work will begin. The designer will take all the graphic elements and execute them to produce a functional site. The most typical way to approach site development is to start by creating the home page, then followed by developing individual shells for internal pages. A ‘shell’ contains the primary navigational structure for the entire site and also serves as the template for each content page. During this step, all the interactive elements of the site will start to take shape and function. The technical aspects of web development will make or break this stage of the process. Our web design team does not only have the expertise but the most up-to-date knowledge of computer language that responds to the increasing demand for improved digital marketing strategies.

Testing and Delivery

Once the website is fully developed and ready for deployment, the design team will begin testing the functionality of the final product and work out all the kinks. This is the time to identify possible compatibility issues and make sure that the site is optimized for the most current browser versions.

The mark of a good website is how it adheres to the trends and current website development and design standards. Once the client gives final approval, the site proceeds through implementation. A final run-through will ensure that all files were uploaded correctly, and the site runs smoothly. CMS driven sites may require final installation such as SEO.

Website Maintenance

Our services do not end in the deployment of your website. Maintenance is key to updating content that will encourage users to visit regularly. Our team specializes in studying how search engines like Google rank websites, and it is always our goal to help our clients maintain organic rankings in the ever-changing Google algorithm landscape.

Our design team will work with you from the first step of the process, until the final stages and even provide you with after-service support, especially with digital marketing strategies. Your company’s web presence is one of the crucial access points for lead generation and sales conversion. If you are looking for an expert partner in website design and development, do not hesitate to contact us today for more details.

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