Video Booklet

Video Booklet

At Video Smartbooks, we reign as the chief video booklet provider for corporations, both large and small. The massive menu of available products offered by Video Smartbooks can slingshot your business straight to the top of its sector.

Using economic outsourcing, we produce cost-friendly video products at low costs. Based in the United States, Video Smartbooks specializes in video brochures and folders and several tech-in-print products.

Common Questions Related to Corporate Video Booklet Services

Video Smartbooks happily answers questions related to our stellar range of top-shelf products. From video brochure card products to presentation folders, we have the tools to create practical solutions at moderate prices for varying industries. Please check out the most frequent questions customers have about our products and services.

What pricing can I expect?

At Video Smartbooks, we never skimp on quality in our booklets and video products’ production and development. However, we offer low average unit prices that are customized to meet the needs of each client. Pricing information changes significantly, depending on several factors, such as video length and display size.

How do I get the most accurate price quote?

Customers can provide our customer intake staff with as many details as possible related to their video product. Valuable information that helps us determine a price quote includes video display quality, screen size, and aspect ratios.

Do you offer samples?

Yes, we do offer samples to new customers! Our staff at Video Smartbooks will send a few random examples of our previous work that vary in specifications. Using the pieces as product models, our team will help you create a plan of action that works for you.

Are there minimum order requirements?

The starting order minimum at Video Smartbooks must contain twenty-five units. Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders of less than twenty-five items. However, we can handle large scale orders up to fifty thousand units!

What brochure and booklet sizes are available?

Customers can choose from a broad inventory of size options starting at the standard folder size of nine inches by twelve inches. Video Smartbooks provide smaller and more extensive options you can customize at a low price. The booklet’s size influences the item’s total cost, but you can order multiple sizes.

How do video booklet products benefit my marketing strategies?

Video folders and booklets can provide a viable video marketing platform that you can use to highlight your business’s best aspects. While our products are highly prevalent in corporate settings, we also cater to small businesses and associations.

Can I choose video content?

Yes, you remain in control of the video content and retain all rights to the material. The more video and media content you present to our development staff, the more we can customize your presentation. If you aren’t happy with the presentation, we will gladly make adjustments to satisfy your wishes.

What if I have more questions about video cards, brochures, folders, or booklets?

Video Smartbooks has a readily available staff with extensive knowledge regarding our products and service capabilities. If you have more questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-877-986-7774.

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