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Social Media Management & Marketing: Content, Interaction, Growth

Social media is  huge component of digital marketing, with hundreds of networks, and billions of users.

Maintaining & growing a presence on social media takes planning, consistency, along with a lot of research, and diligence.

The extensive reach of social media platforms make them the powerhouse solutions in creating a solid brand, driving sales, and generating high-quality leads. But if not done right, there is a danger of wasting time and resources on an effort that will not lead to positive results. Successful social media marketing begins with strategic planning, execution, and measurement.

Our goal as your social media marketing partner is to help avoid the common pitfalls and challenges encountered by many businesses. These challenges lie in putting in enough time, creating quality content, and setting the right metrics to measure and analyze progress. Here are the best practices we employ to ensure that your social media marketing campaign remains fail-proof despite the dynamic market changes.

Identifying Actionable Goals

Goal setting is the first step to come up with a viable social media marketing plan. The most effective process of goal setting is to make sure that each item follows the SMART strategy. Specific goals drill down on the exact output the initiative aims to achieve. A key element in goal setting is to set a time frame, as well as measurable objectives. For example, “increase Facebook page visits by 20% in two months”.

Identifying The Target Audience

An effective social media marketing campaign should be designed while keeping the target audience in mind. Developing a “buyer persona” is one effective way to succeed in social media marketing. The following insights will help in pinpointing the right target audience for your campaign:

Customer support survey- Ask your customer support team about the most common questions they receive from customers. These questions will give you the direction required to produce the most engaging content.

Positive customer review- In the process of building a buyer persona, you can begin by studying the specific demographic of the clients who left positive feedback about your product or service. Learning more about these “happy clients” will lead you to the audience you need to target.

Knowing the target audience for your campaign answers the “who” of your social media marketing efforts. The next step is to focus on the “where.”

Selecting The Best Social Media Platforms

A presence in all social media platforms is not the goal of an effective social media marketing strategy. Our team knows that having too much presence can overwhelm and lead to half-baked results. What you can do is focus on the platforms that do not only have the most significant presence but the most relevance to your business. In choosing the right platform, we will help you answer the following questions:

Where are your competitors?

Who requires the products and services you offer?

Managing social media platforms can be time-consuming; it is best to invest your resources in one or two platforms where you can ensure quality content and capture your target audience.

Engaging Your Target Audience

Audience engagement is one of the main goals of the services we provide our clients. Some of the strategies employed to increase engagement are:

Responding to audience queries and comments.

Tagging followers and influencers with high-quality and relevant content.

Building links within posts to improve seo.

Using valuable hashtags to help your target audience narrow down concern and select what is most pertinent to them.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram capitalize on My Stories to give the audience an unfiltered and behind the scenes look on the business and how it operates.

Measuring Results

Using analytics to measure results will close the loop and determine whether your efforts compare with the goals you set. Analyzing results is one of our expertise, and we can help you identify weak points to let go or improve, and strengths to reinforce and refine. The most common indicators of social media marketing performance are the following:

Number of followers

Number of clicks

Comments, shares, and links


Leads generated

There are several sophisticated tools we can use to measure specific parameters that will conclude whether your marketing strategies are paying off or not. We can help in defining metrics which will not only track your progress but also help you set new and bigger goals for your company.

Social media marketing is not complicated, but it is not easy either. Contact us today so that we can be your partner in harnessing the power of these platforms to grow your business.

Limitless Customized Solutions

It’s not that social media is overly complex– it isn’t. However, it is something that can be overwhelming, and get lost in the shuffle of the day to day operations of your business.  Let our team manage your social media content, so you can focus on the things you need.

Social media also allows for some fantastic advertising opportunities that we can create, to further reach people, and put your calls to action right in front of them.

The Analyst Agency can customize our social media services to best suit your needs.  We can work on a consultative basis- providing planning, strategy, growth tactics, and reporting.

If you need someone to completely manage your social media, we can handle all the responsibilities of social media management, including posting content, interacting with your audience, growing your following, and providing all the reporting and analysis that will help determine decisions in the future.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

With over 2.5 Billion people on social media, you are missing a huge medium to connect with your current clients and customers, as well as promote your business to new leads.

Social media offers a ton of benefits to businesses including– highly targeted advertising, search engine optimization, reputation management, lead generation, and brand enhancement.

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