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One of the most popular services that we offer here at The Analyst Agency are our Primary Market Research Services. Our clients can gain a valuable insight into their competitors, their own organisation and the industry as a whole. With our knowledge and expertise, we can provide you with fully researched documents which will help you to grow your business and guarantee stability for the future.

Primary research is an important steppingstone for success for many businesses across the various industries. Don’t ignore this useful tool – invest in your business by using our primary research services here at The Analyst Agency.

The Primary Research Process

Our process here at The Analyst Agency is second to none. We start with a detailed plan that helps us to prioritise goals and refine the scope of the research based on your needs. We’ll sit down with your team and decide what to work on first and get started right away.

You can be with us every step of the way or you can sit back and relax while we do all of the work. Either way, we will provide you with extensive primary research and offer you a tailored solution to match your needs. Our team of experts will put their skills to the test and spend time conducting primary research until you are happy with the results. We know that you value quality and so we provide this rather than simply getting the job done quickly.

What We Look At

Primary research is vital to boosting the performance of your organisation and making sure that it is on track for success. This is why we cover many different areas to ensure that nothing gets left behind.

We’ll dive deep into what your competitors are offering, what their pricing strategies include, and we will engage in some mystery shopping to see how they function. This information is vital for helping you gain an understanding of what they are doing well and what you should avoid.

Market monitoring is also a very important part of our primary research process here at The Analyst Agency. We look at ad-hoc requests, messaging and positioning updates and we will also do some thorough research on bench-marking. It is important that the market is monitored, and we will take care of that for you.

When looking at the market, will also dive deeper into the market landscapes and perform some trend analysis. We’ll look at how you have segmented the market and provide you with a better understanding of your business as a whole.

Finally, we perform some strategic analysis which can include scenario planning sessions and win/loss analysis. Whatever you require to get a better insight into your own organisation and the industry as a whole, we will aim to provide you with this.

The Importance of Primary Research

While many people are concerned with using existing data sources to improve their business, we offer both primary and secondary research to our customers here at The Analyst Agency. This is because we recognize just how important primary research can be and how much it can positively impact a business.

Primary research can provide you with actionable intelligence that other methodologies might not. We want you to see results as soon as possible and primary research helps to achieve this in the long-term.

Why Choose The Analyst Agency?

At The Analyst Agency, we offer a competitive and extensive primary research service. We understand how valuable your time is, so we won’t waste it. We’ll develop our plan for the research project, and we’ll make sure that you are happy with the results.

We are an experienced team and so no project is too big or too complicated for us. Whether you need a better understanding of your competitors or your own processes – our team of consultants we can find the solutions to your problems.

If you are interested in trying out some of our primary research services to improve your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Analyst Agency. We will work with you and get you the results that you need as soon as possible.

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