The Analyst Agency Announces New Membership Program for Professionals

Available now, free introductory memberships grant access to analysis-oriented jobs board and freelance opportunities, along with newsletter and networking opportunities, The Analyst Agency reports.


Buffalo, NY, United States – January 26, 2018 – The Analyst Agency unveiled its new membership program for professionals. Program members gain access to The Analyst Agency jobs board, a curated collection of Business Analyst Jobs, Data Analyst Jobs, Marketing Analyst Jobs and similar positions. Professionals who sign up for a free membership also receive a complimentary subscription to “The Analyst Alerts,” an email newsletter that delves into the latest developments in the field of business-related analysis and highlights current freelance opportunities.

As an organization devoted to helping small and medium-size businesses use the power of analysis to improve their marketing, sales, recruiting, and other processes, The Analyst Agency supports many of the country’s most ambitious and fastest-growing companies. The new Analyst Agency membership program will help build a network of highly qualified analytical professionals, enabling productive new connections between these individuals and the businesses that can benefit the most from their skills. With an introductory one-year membership to The Analyst Agency membership program now being offered free of charge, many professionals in related fields will be interested in this special new opportunity.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new membership program,” said The Analyst Agency representative Steven Czyrny. “We have noticed a lot of small and medium sized companies struggle to get a handle on organizing their strategies, and managing their business development processes. We wanted to build a network of skilled professionals they can access to help in whatever capacity they may need, whether that be full time positions, or on an ad-hoc basis. Being able to offer this, in addition to our consultative services that focus on marketing and sales support, should really help these businesses that are looking to solve critical problems.”

The fields of business analysis and data management are expected to grow by over 20 percent over the next decade, so these skilled practitioners who can help manage projects and data are expected to be in high demand. The Analyst Agency was founded to help small- and medium-size companies make effective use of analytical tools to improve their own results. From marketing and sales, to recruiting and reporting, The Analyst Agency consistently helps client companies discover solutions that make them more capable, efficient, and competitive. The new Analyst Agency membership program will be of significant interest and value to many analysis-focused professionals.

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