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Premier Online Media Buying: Digital Marketing With Brand Building Power

Digital advertising, including online banner ads with premier media partners offers great exposure.  Positioning your brand in the best light, can be the difference between earning new business, and asking why your awareness is lower than you’d like.  We are constantly analyzing the best placements and methods to provide the best return on investment.  We work with expert media buying partners that allow for significant cost savings, beautiful design work, eye-catching copy, on the top media sites and news outlets.  For companies who are looking to reach multiple markets, or a national (or international) audience, this can be a great solution for you.

Placing your company on premier websites does wonders for your brands’ image.

We can create, develop, and manage different types of campaigns, that offer different solutions, including:

Run of Network: Run of Network advertising allows you to purchase advertising space on websites at a fraction of the typical cost. This solution comes about when large media companies have an inventory of unsold banner ads, and pass along high savings.  Run of Network means your ad is randomly placed throughout different pages throughout the day, and this can be an attractive way to potentially reach millions of people.

Keyword Contextual: Many times clients have very particular keywords or phrases prospects search for on the internet to look for them.  Keyword Contextual advertising allows you to connect with users as they read editorial content that’s related to your products or services. This level of granular targeting often leads to higher engagement rates.

Retargeting: If you spend much time on the internet, you’ve probably seen retargeting ads.  This is a unique form of online advertising that reaches people who have previously visited your website, but didn’t take the action you’d like them to make. A great example of this, is when someone visits a website that sells clothing.  That person may view a shirt, but not buy it. They then see an ad for that shirt online, and their social networks, reminding them of their previous interest.  Since many people don’t commit on the first website purchase (whether that’s buying a product, or filling our a contact form, etc.) retargeting ads can be the best way to stay in front of people, you know have an interest.

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