Market research has the potential to deliver essential insights into your target audience, improve your product and service offerings, and cement your reputation as a customer-focused, high-quality company.

Sales professionals must always strive to ensure that sales cycles are not overly protracted, as the opportunity cost can soon become unreasonable and unsustainable. Sales professionals must lead and deliver a personalized and consultative sales approach, one that is as concerned with providing important product facts as it is with designing tailored solutions and building trustworthy relationships. This is especially important in B2B sales, because the transaction does not terminate the engagement, but rather initiates a new post-purchase period that should span years, if not decades.

Here are several ways in which market research can improve the sales process so that sales professionals can consistently meet their targets, and businesses can stay strong and prosperous in a marketplace that is increasingly competitive:

1. Utilize all available resources: Data analytics tools, social media insight platforms, customer surveys, market analysts—all of these and more are available to you. Several digital systems, such as Google Analytics, are available for free. Meanwhile, other free internet tools can assist with keyword research for a successful content marketing strategy.
2. Analyze and identify your customers: Your customers are your most precious asset, second only to your personnel. Learn more about them by using customer analytics. The process of organizing and evaluating client behavior during their relationship with you is known as customer analytics. Gathering demographic and activity data, then applying it to personas that more precisely characterize your target audience, is the correct approach.
3. Broaden your efforts: Don’t limit yourself to insights generated by a single platform. Investigate a broader picture of your consumer and audience base through email surveys, focus groups, secondary data, and anything else that reveals what customers want and how they shop. Extending the breadth of your efforts can be an excellent way to generate previously unavailable leads.
4. Communicate effectively with your team: Market research is only as good as how it is implemented across your business process. Your capacity to sharpen your messaging and enhance sales will be hampered unless clear and quality information about the findings of your market research is disseminated throughout your organization. Transform facts into a verifiable and captivating narrator surrounding your target audience, and distribute this tale throughout your organization.
5. Conduct new research consistently: Market research is not a one-time event. Consumer behaviors and industry trends evolve at the same rate as the technology that enables them. Try using a data service and staying up to date on industry news to better understand your customers and rivals.

At The Analyst Agency, we are prepared to help with your business analysis and market research needs.


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