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73% of B2B and 56% of B2C consumers think brands should have a deep understanding of their needs to engage them. DesignRush named the leading market research companies that can help businesses develop a thorough understanding of their audience and how to appeal to them.


73% of B2B and 56% of B2C consumers think brands should have a deep understanding of their needs to engage them.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, identified the market research companies that help brands by identifying problems, developing research plans, collecting data, analyzing data and presenting data.

The top market research companies of 2020 are:

1. Customer Foresight Group –

Customer Foresight Group is a Canadian market research firm specializing in competitor research. They provide primary research such as competitive intelligence and B2B mystery shopping for companies providing SaaS platforms, logistics, financial services and other sectors.

2. The Analyst Agency –

The Analyst Agency is a global market research and business development firm. They have helped construction companies, law firms, ad agencies, manufacturers and more with custom research needs including surveys, secondary research, interviews and more.

3. Motivate Design –

Motivate Design is a user experience research, design and staffing agency based in New York City. Their approach to increasing customer engagement, loyalty and sales is focused on insight at the center of the design process.

4. Bewe Srl –
Expertise: Website Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more

5. Behavioral Health Network Resources –
Expertise: Website Design, Marketing Analytics & Big Data, Inbound Marketing and more

6. Brenton Way –
Expertise: Digital Marketing, SEO, Lead Outreach and more

7. Sociallyin –
Expertise: Creative Agency Services, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and more

8. Something About Marketing –
Expertise: Email & Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Marketing and more

9. K2 Analytics INC –
Expertise: Web Design, Social Media Marketing, eCommerce Marketing and more

10. Apex Current –
Expertise: Digital Advertising, Marketing Automation, Qualified Lead Generation and more

11. Think PR –
Expertise: Strategic Communications, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and more

12. AVX Digital –
Expertise: Email & Marketing Automation, Marketing Analytics & Big Data, Consulting and more

13. The Analyst Agency –
Expertise: Quantitative Market Research, Qualitative Market Research, Data Analysis and more

14. Golfdale Consulting, Inc. –
Expertise: Research, Market Insights, Analytics Strategies and more

15. Belkins –
Expertise: Lead Research, Lead Generation, Email Deliverability Services and more

16. FRW Studios –
Expertise: Digital Design, Web Design, Copywriting and more

17. FlexMR –
Expertise: Online Market Research, Insight Management, Consulting and more

18. Monarch Seo Agency –
Expertise: SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search Advertising and more

19. Vision One –
Expertise: Advertising Research, Branding Research, International Research and more

20. Zintel Public Relations LLC –
Expertise: Media Relations, Marketing, Analyst Relations and more

21. Activate Health –
Expertise: Healthcare Marketing, Public Relations, Research and more

Brands can explore the top market research companies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.

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