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A Data-Driven Business Plan Service You Can Count On

Every great business starts with a great plan—and one of the best ways to develop a solid plan is to harness the power of big data. At the Analyst Agency, we’ve helped countless clients develop effective, data-based business plans that offer an objective summary of their business opportunities and the best ways to capitalize on them. Our dedication to involving stakeholders at every stage of the planning process and meticulously going over the fine details helps us deliver services that are a cut above those offered by other business plan companies. Once you’ve contacted us to arrange a free consultation, we’ll sit with you to understand your company’s requirements from multiple perspectives and devise a business plan that maximizes your chances of obtaining the funding you need to grow to your full potential!

We Use Data to Substantiate Everything From the Mission Statement to the Concluding Remarks of Our Clients’ Business Plans

It’s one thing to make claims in a business plan and another to back them up with data.

We’re in the business of doing the latter—and we’re proud to have won awards for our approach! The moment a client signs up for our business plan service, they have the full scope of our research capabilities at their fingertips. We use the full might of quantitative and qualitative research to help our clients comprehensively understand their target audiences and make accurate financial projections that have the best possible shot at capturing investor attention.


Clear and Consistent Communication with Clients Underpins Our Business Plan Service

If you’re looking for a business plan company that prioritizes client communication, you’ll love working with us!

Sifting through and analyzing big data throughout the business plan development process allows us to regularly update our clients regarding the viability of their approach. For instance, if our analysis shows that a client’s market segmentation and targeting strategy won’t yield optimal results, we explain this as soon as we’re made aware of the issue. This enables us to develop business plans alongside our clients from the get-go to maximize their chances of success. It also allows us to act as a fulcrum between our client and their internal/external stakeholders so we can devise effective business plans that account for everyone’s interests.

So, are you ready to let a team of 150+ professional consultants with over 50 years of collective experience help you to secure funding by developing an outstanding, data-backed business plan? If so, drop us a message today and become a part of the big data-driven business plan revolution!


Trusted Strategic Partner

Being able to provide a full-service offering of market research, business analysis services, and sales & marketing consulting services allows us to identify problems, discover solutions, and communicate them to your customers or clients.

Custom Engagement Models

Outsourcing your business analysis needs to us allows the flexibility to meet your budget and timeline constraints. We have worked on an hourly basis, a retainer model, as well as fixed prices depending on the client’s needs and internal infrastructure.

Improve Your Employee & Customer Satisfaction

When you work with The Analyst Agency, we are able to quantify how your business challenges negatively impact your employee and customer satisfaction. After eradicating the hindrances, and implementing new processes or technology, you can see how much happier your employees and customers are thanks to all of the hard work.


The Analyst Agency By the Numbers

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Benefits of Hiring an Outside Analyst

A skilled Business Analyst provides an outside point of view and clarity throughout a change process, especially in terms of defining clear business requirements that fall within the scope of the project.

We help all stakeholders stay on the same page and keep the team moving in the right direction by focusing conversations on the identified business objectives. This not only helps the team stay on track by minimizing distractions but also helps prevent scope creep.

When You Need Someone to Help Pick Up The Pieces

Clients contact us when they realize they need an outside point of view to address organizational challenges such as knocking down silos and reducing redundancies and gaps in employee and customer satisfaction.

Global Network, Diligent Service

With a team and partners around the world, plus access to our freelance members of qualified data analysts, IT professionals, engineers, and business consultants, we are able to help all kinds of clients regardless of stage or circumstance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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