Big Data Companies

Big Data Companies

The prospect of harvesting, analyzing, and interpreting big data doesn’t have to overwhelm you. The Analyst Agency has the ability to take massive sets of data and make it all highly useful for your company. With distributed computing and parallel processing, we can analyze data better than ever! This allows us to derive patterns and help your company make important decisions at exactly the right time. With the Analyst Agency on your side, you’ll be able to better predict your customers’ needs, pain points, and future complaints long before they manifest. This is hugely important for your business!

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Should I Work with Big Data Companies?

To use a real-world example of how and why big data matters to your company, let’s go back to 2012 when hurricane Francis hit America. At that time, everyone was preparing for the worst-case scenario, and Walmart took advantage of this. While most of Walmart’s competitors were making sure that they had plenty of flashlights for sale, Walmart stocked its shelves with tasty pastries, like strawberry Pop-Tarts. Why on earth did Walmart do this?

Walmart was armed with terabytes of consumer history data. Let’s call this “big data.” By hiring one of the best big data companies at that time, Walmart was able to determine that Pop-Tarts would be the most in-demand item that they had in stock. Note, this defies all logic and common wisdom. Just thinking about the scenario, you would have likely also assumed that batteries, flashlights, and similar goods would be in higher demand during a major hurricane impact. Nobody in their right mind would stock up on strawberry Pop-Tarts, unless they had access to big data provided by a big data company like the Analyst Agency. What do you think happened with all these Pop-Tarts?

Walmart stockpiled all of its local stores with 7x the normal amount of strawberry Pop-Tarts, and they completely sold out in most stores! Of course, Walmart isn’t the only company that is taking advantage of big data. Amazon, NetFlix, and all sorts of big players rely on big data to make big business decisions, and you can, too! Whether you own/operate a small, medium, or large business, big data can help you decide what to do and when to do it. Another way to say it is that big data can help your company decide what not to do and when not to do it.

Big Data Companies Like the Analyst Agency Can Help Your Company

At the Analyst Agency, the lion share of our clients are small companies with small budgets, and they are also relying on the big data that we analyze and interpret for them. Targeted Facebook ads are a prime example of this. Think about how much data Facebook has collected on its users over the years! Do you see an opportunity there? Think about it; Facebook knows what a user will be interested in purchasing in the coming days, weeks, and months. Facebook collects massive amounts of even seemingly trivial data, such as how long your cursor hovers over a specific link. Let the Analyst Agency find, harvest, analyze, and interpret big data for your company. Contact us today for a free consultation.