5 Benefits of Online Focus Groups for Small Businesses

If you are trying to get more opinions about your services, digital focus groups can help. here are benefits of online focus groups for small businesses.

Owning a small business is tough work. The odds of failure are high and it is tough to break into an industry.

In fact, approximately half of all new startups fail in the first five years. On top of existing obstacles, business owners are now grappling with the coronavirus pandemic as well.

You should use every tool at your disposal to find success. One tool that business owners rave about is an online focus group.

Read on to learn about the benefits of online focus groups. Explore five benefits that are certain to help your business find success.

1. Get Inside the Mind of the Customer

Written reviews are nice because they allow businesses to collective qualitative information. They learn some details about what a customer thinks about a product.

An online focus group takes it a step further. Now, the business can probe the minds of their customers.

The moderator can ask follow-up questions to find out more about a customer’s feelings. In addition, moderators can better understand why a customer feels passionate in either a positive or negative way.

2. Cost-Effective

An online focus group provides businesses with an affordable option to collect qualitative data. To host one, all you need is a reliable internet connection and the appropriate software. There is commercial software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams that can accommodate a focus group.

This saves your business a significant amount of money. A traditional focus group is expensive as it requires technical equipment and a large staff.

3. Overcome Geographic Limitations

A traditional focus group presents logistics challenges. It is expensive to fly in people from around the country. Also, you may have to pay respondents more to convince them to travel cross-country for a focus group.

An online forum allows you to overcome these obstacles. You can now host a diverse range of cities and towns from across the globe.

4. Growth Potential

Expanding operations to other states or countries is a difficult task. There are significant barriers to entry and many unknowns.

An online focus group can help you better understand clients in a different locale. Respondents will shine a light on potential weaknesses and help you craft a regional marketing strategy.

5. Honest Discussion

Some respondents are shy to answer questions in person. They freeze up and have difficulty speaking in front of crowds.

It is a lot easier for respondents to answer questions openly and honestly in an online environment. They do not have to worry about public speaking. Respondents can take their time to craft an intelligent and thoughtful reply to the moderator.

Recapping Five Benefits to Online Focus Groups

An online focus group is sure to provide management with a wealth of qualitative information. Without leaving the office, you can get inside the minds of your customers.

Your forum can host an honest discussion and represent different parts of the country. In addition, an online forum is more cost-effective than a traditional approach. If you are interested in learning more about online focus groups, contact us today to speak with a specialist.

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